Knowles Training Institute Introduces VR In Corporate Training

Knowles Training Institute is a corporate training company based in Singapore

Knowles Training Institute Introduces VR In Corporate Training

Updated 1441 GMT (1041HKT) May 05, 2018

By Stephani Brown


(IN VR TIMES-NEWS.2018, Knowles Training Institute, Singapore)- In this modern world of technology, gone are the days of tedious corporate training method. Virtual reality offers a modern trend which uses technological advancements such as computers and software to create illustrative images and sounds which is close to a real environment set-up.

“VR is a much more engaging. It’s an engaging way to learn as compared to powerpoint presentations and lectures,” Sancy Suraj of Knowles Training Institute stated. Visual reality VR had a three-dimensional environment so that the employees will be able to connect and interact with ‘real world’. Kind of like on-the-job training but in the Matrix,” Mr Sancy Suraj added, who is currently the CEO of Knowles Training Institute.

This will be more helpful than the traditional methods of just giving out modules and instructions. With virtual reality, employees can be able to think of their responses, act out and hear real sounds. It also provides safety to the employees because they will not need to be set out in far and dangerous places just to have their training. Training can be done even anywhere in the world.

Memory retention in virtual learning is much higher compared to the traditional method of training. With virtual reality, even the most dreaded lacklustre automated courses can be visually nice with a game-like ambience. A lot of companies are already using this modern method such as in sales and retail training.

Walmart already implemented this method to their employees. Using an Oculus Rift Vr headset, they were able to be prepared for the voluminous “Black Friday crowds”. Through this way, they can be able to foresee the crowd and plan their actions ahead of time. Virtual reality can be able to give the employees lots of time for preparation before the actual work.

Many employees nowadays belong to the younger generation who are easily bored when the training seems to be very serious. And when they got bored, they will easily leave and they will not commit to a full term work that’s why companies must invest in virtual realities as their method of corporate training.

On March 25, 2014, Facebook purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion

“Facebook to buy Oculus virtual reality firm for $2B”. Associated Press. March 25, 2014. Retrieved March 27, 2014.

It will also save time and money for the trainees because they will not need to travel for a long period of hours just to be able to be at the training location. Virtual reality is also easier to understand than the technical terms which can be seen in the modules. It is not like an exam and a one-week training in which employers need to pass in order to get hired or to be promoted to a job. “With visual reality, it will feel like actually doing the job because of the seemingly real-life experience it offers.” Said Mr. Sancy Suraj

With the advancement of technologies and with the use of Virtual Reality, employees will be encouraged to learn in a more exciting way. Every one of us experiences stress in our everyday lives. More problems arise when people are exasperated with the mundane and arduous tasks in the workplace. When our jobs in the office seem to be more like play than work, then we will get to enjoy life a little bit better and we will learn to love our jobs even more.

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